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Programs - Archive of historical objectives:

Note* Soil Media is no longer operational - For programming inquiries at Soil Media's partner institution, Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre, please visit: 

Public Programming Access 

SOIL supported innovative and challenging work from artists working in media art/new media and diverse genres.  Our support to media artists extended to encompass the exploration of time-based art including: installation, experimental and abstract video, performance, audio, and web-based projects. SOIL maintained an open submission policy for its exhibition and commissioning programs and co-productions . The SOIL Committee reviewed proposals twice per year (April and October) to establish its annual season and set policy. Artist fees were paid based on CARFAC rates and includeda  budget for promotion, shipping, travel, opening reception, technical assistance and installation. Priority for this program was given to Canadian artists but included a Foreign Visiting Artists' component. Venues for the exhibition program included: main gallery space /white cube, media gallery /black box space, media lounge, a 4-panel, rear projection window space facing the Scarth Street Mall, web site gallery and archive, live broadcast site site, or, site-specific locations. SOIL was a Mac based environment.


Media Arts Critics & Curators

Curators were encouraged to submit proposals for time-based/media art exhibitions or special projects. We accepted proposals from independent curators, from programmers and curators at other artist-run centres, public galleries or access centres. Our emphasis has been on exhibitions and live events (concerts, performing machines, sound art and interactive web projects or live events requiring an audience and their participation). Curators and artists were paid professional fees and budget for promotion, materials and travel was available or re-negotiated when larger scale projects are involved. Canadian artists and curators are given first priority.





Neutral Ground members were invited to use the gallery, black box, and lounge space for self-directed residencies to pursue the creation and development of their work. Short-term visiting artist residencies also took place throughout the year and were structured concurrent with exhibition opportunities.




Workshops orient artists with the skills necessary to acquire competence to access and operate SOIL's facility and equipment. SOIL offered a continuous program of workshops in digital video, audio and multimedia. Skilled instructors and visiting artists working in media and electronic art including audio delivered the workshops. Within SOIL's creative and professional environment, artists developed the technical and aesthetic experience necessary to operate as an independent producers. Past workshops have covered a range of skill development programs through the workshops from electronic arts production, sound art, HD camera operation, working with Max/MSP to coding in Second Life.


Co-productions / Production

Artists were invited to apply to SOIL for support through its production access programs. These opportunities included access to equipment (rentals), self-directed residencies  (in any area of production, post-production, research) and access to the studio/lounge for rehearsal, demo or documentation. Access to the production program required a membership to SOIL, $45 annual for individuals and $100 annual for organizations, basic competency with the equipment and an insurance deposit. Schedules were assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis and were booked in advance with the Production Coordinator.


A micro-grant commissioning program was announced annually; 4 funds of $1,500.00 were awarded to artists for new significant works to be created. While working with a micro-grant, rental fees were waived. Projects completed successfully and on time were generally put forward for exhibition/dissemination in a format consistent with the work.



Dorkbot Regina

Dorkbot is a participatory, guided creation group specializing in electronic arts. The user group structures public engagement projects for people to do creative things with electricity, computers, sound devices and video in a workshop environment and on a free drop-in basis.  Monthly Dorkbot meetings took place at the Neutral Ground Media Lounge, at 1856 Scarth Street, on the last Saturday of the month in the form of a jam & share session from 1 to 5 pm. 

Everyone was welcome to attend these FREE events. 
Coordinator was Ryan Hill, Regina

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